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Internet verandert, online marketing ook?

Twee maanden gelden schreef ik een artikel voor het Tijdschrift voor Marketing (TvM) over de evolutie van het web (Web 2.0) en de gevolgen daarvan voor (web)marketeers: hoe het hun werk beïnvloedt en welke mogelijkheden het creëert.

Vandaag werd het artikel (PDF) gepubliceerd op TvM’s website En later deze maand zal in het Tijdschrift voor Marketing ook een referentie naar het online artikel staan.

Lees het volledige artikel “Internet verandert, online marketing ook?” (PDF)

Meta-syndication marketing

Last week a marketing writer of TechSmith contacted me through my blog, just one day after I positively mentioned their product Morae. I was asked for an interview, to be used as a testimonial in their e-newsletter and on their website.

What fascinated me was that this marketeer had in fact found the article on my moderately visited blog and acted on it, in less than a day after publication. That moment I realized that this had been a perfect example of using meta-syndication as a PR / marketing instrument. Lees verder Meta-syndication marketing

The first European IA Summit (day 1)

The Information Architecture (IA) Summit is the premier event for information architects around the world. This year’s edition in Montreal was my first one and is without doubt the best conference I attended. And as of this month, Europe has its own edition: the EuroIA Summit.

The theme of this first European edition was “Building our community”. The share of Europeans on the American summits was not all that large, so gathering European IA’s was a logical first priority. Personally, I was delighted to see many Dutch attendees, some of whom I saw two days earlier on the conference.

As regards content, these are my personal highlights of the first day of the first EuroIA. It took me a while, but better late than never. Lees verder The first European IA Summit (day 1)

Web 2.0: Let go, share, build upon others, free your data

Ten years after the birth of the World Wide Web, people are talking about its next generation: Web 2.0. Especially in the IA community, the buzz of Web 2.0 has resulted in an intense global discussion about its meaning, possibilities and (business and social) impact. Lees verder Web 2.0: Let go, share, build upon others, free your data