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Cheers from Boston

Tomorrow, the User Interface 11 Conference kicks off. I have already checked in and strolled through Boston, where I enjoyed my lunch in the one and only Cheers pub.

During the next days, I’ll do my best to share my experiences from the conference. I had already put together my personal conference program and I’m still planning to stick to it.


Looking forward to User Interface 11

Next October, I will be attending the User Interface 11 Conference (UI11) in Cambridge MA. Yesterday I received the request to sign up for the sessions I plan to attend.

So this will be my personal conference program: Lees verder Looking forward to User Interface 11 2006 conference

Today, my colleagues Annelies, Gert, Pascal and I attended the annual conference of, who seized the opportunity to announce its new name: Chi Nederland.

The conference was held in the beautiful Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam. This year’s theme: “The Web and Beyond” (or in short: Web 2.0*). An impressive 650 (roughly) people were present, a record for this conference. Lees verder 2006 conference

Happy New Interaction Design!

I know, it’s been very quiet on this blog lately. Last time I wrote I had just missed a fine cocktail hour with the local IA’s in Amsterdam (and special guest Jesse James Garrett). In the meantime, I’ve had some intensive months with lots of designing, usability testing and writing. Unfortunately that meant less time (actually none) for blogging and reading Peter Morvilles latest book. I did however manage to fit in the 34’th IA cocktail hour last December (thanks Peter Boersma and for organizing). Lees verder Happy New Interaction Design!

The first European IA Summit (day 1)

The Information Architecture (IA) Summit is the premier event for information architects around the world. This year’s edition in Montreal was my first one and is without doubt the best conference I attended. And as of this month, Europe has its own edition: the EuroIA Summit.

The theme of this first European edition was “Building our community”. The share of Europeans on the American summits was not all that large, so gathering European IA’s was a logical first priority. Personally, I was delighted to see many Dutch attendees, some of whom I saw two days earlier on the conference.

As regards content, these are my personal highlights of the first day of the first EuroIA. It took me a while, but better late than never. Lees verder The first European IA Summit (day 1)