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Ferry den Dopper (1978) is informatiearchitect en senior user experience designer bij internet fullservice bureau Tam Tam. De slogan op zijn visitekaartje, “Design for regular people and the real world”, geeft aan waar hij zich sterk voor maakt: het bedenken en ontwerpen van (internet)oplossingen die aansluiten op het referentiekader en de behoefte van de doelgroep. Als informatiearchitect houdt Ferry zich bezig met het organiseren van grote hoeveelheden informatie zodat ze gemakkelijk te gebruiken zijn op het web. Verder adviseert hij over online marketing & communicatie, usability (gebruiksvriendelijkheid) en trends als Web 2.0. Recente opdrachtgevers zijn o.a. TU Delft, Raad voor de rechtspraak, de Belastingdienst en het Ministerie van VWS. Als webtoegankelijkheidspecialist adviseert Ferry developers en webredacteuren over het toepassen van webrichtlijnen en heeft hij zitting in de Normcommissie Drempelvrij, die verantwoordelijk is voor het opstellen en functioneren van de kwaliteitsregelingen van Waarmerk Drempelvrij en de Webrichtlijnen van de Overheid.

Visualization of hyperlinks

Last week I read Jared Spool’s richly illustrated article on the ever-returning question: “Do links need underlines?”.

Spool’s analysis is on point, but too subtle for some. He concludes: “When the designers switch back and forth, between having some links underlined but others not be underlined, that makes even more work for users. Work that doesn’t add any real value. We think the visual design element of the underline is not required, but it is cruel to make users work extra hard because you can’t decide.” Continue reading Visualization of hyperlinks

Looking forward to User Interface 11

Next October, I will be attending the User Interface 11 Conference (UI11) in Cambridge MA. Yesterday I received the request to sign up for the sessions I plan to attend.

So this will be my personal conference program: Continue reading Looking forward to User Interface 11

50% of returned electronics work as designed

Discovered on a Dutch research reveils that 50% of all returned electronic devices claimed to be malfunctioning, is not due to a malfunction, but to bad usability. According to Den Ouden most of the flaws found their origin in the first phase of the design process: product definition. 2006 conference

Today, my colleagues Annelies, Gert, Pascal and I attended the annual conference of, who seized the opportunity to announce its new name: Chi Nederland.

The conference was held in the beautiful Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam. This year’s theme: “The Web and Beyond” (or in short: Web 2.0*). An impressive 650 (roughly) people were present, a record for this conference. Continue reading 2006 conference

The evolution of Yahoo! and Google

Today I found a picture in my mailbox (thanks Paul) showing the evolution of the homepages of Yahoo! and Google.

The comparison illustrates perfectly why I haven’t used Yahoo! since the year 2000. The directory concept for a web portal haven’t ever worked for me, but before 2000 I did use Yahoo! occasionally (as back-up for Altavista). Continue reading The evolution of Yahoo! and Google

Hello, I am a user experience designer

Peter Boersma has been promoting User Experience as replacement for IA as a field for some time now (read his articles on the T-model: original post and extended model).

Via InfoDesign, I read Peter Boersma’s article “User Experience: The next step for IA’s?”:

“Unless you have never done anything else than analyse, structure and group large volumes of content only to hand-off that work to others, you have probably been acting as an interaction designer, information designer, computer scientist, business analyst, or usability engineer before. … you are in fact a user experience professional”.

Peter Boersma Continue reading Hello, I am a user experience designer