Blog-Tag, my turn

The blog-tag game is still running, and now it’s my turn to share five things about me that relatively few people know. Thanks Mart for tagging me. So here we go.

1. I have always had an information architecture quirk.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve always felt the urge to collect and structure information. I collected factsheets about cars, which I ordered by brand and production year. I kept scores of imaginary competitions and maintained ranking lists. Now I manually attribute metadata to my mp3’s, I take great care in structuring my home administration, and the list goes on. I admit it, I’m a fruitcake. But hey, at least I found a profession where my quirk pays off.

2. I play in a band.

What started as a one-time performance for my former volleyball club, is now a weekly hobby. We play mostly covers and I get to play the keyboard. We play for ourselves, and sometimes for familiar public.

3. I almost got stung by a poisonous yellow scorpion.

Three years ago, my brother and I went on safari in Kenya and Tanzania. We slept in small tents, which we had to build up and take down almost every day. One morning, after having slept on the bank of Lake Baringo, with hippo’s grazing during the night, we rolled up our tent and found a yellow scorpion right between our hands. Had we positioned ourselves slightly different, one of us would have had a serious problem, since the African scorpions are the most dangerous.

4. I once wrote and published a comic book.

Okay, I was ten years old or something. With two friends, we wrote about ten comics, bundled them, made thirty copies, sold all of them during a (then famous) comic event and lost 10 euros. (We had not realized that our selling price was below the copying costs)

5. I graduated with a thesis concerning RSI, but I got it myself regardless.

In my final months as a student, I spent much time on the subject “Is speech recognition an effective alternative for RSI patients?”. During my research, I closely examined RSI symptoms, causes and precautions. Nevertheless, over the years I have developed some symptoms of RSI myself. What went wrong?

Well, now it’s my turn to tag! In this post, I will be tagging three people only. This has everything to do with my intention to start blogging in Dutch as well. I plan to copy this post in Dutch and tag two more people.

  • Michiel Hazen: A relatively new colleague, who knows and shares a great deal on Enterprise Content Management.
  • Klaas Waslander: I met Klaas last month and he is going to start up a very interesting project for AlbumPrinter.
  • Eve Léonard: Eve is an intranet usability practitioner, just like me, only in Canada. I discovered her blog a little while ago and found it to be very promising.