My first test results with CrazyEgg

I have tested CrazyEgg (see my previous post) over the period of one week, monitoring click behavior on my blog homepage. Today I have looked at the results.

CrazyEgg offers three types of visualizations.

1. Overlay

Screenshot of the overlay visualization on my homepage

The overlay visualization shows which page elements are clicked on, and how often. It doesn’t quite match the visual design of my site, but I haven’t been able to figure out whether this is caused by my blog’s stylesheet or the CrazyEgg software. Nonetheless, it doesn’t affect the usefulness of this visualization.

2. List

Screenshot of the list visualization on my homepage

The list gives a quick insight on the most popular links on the page. In my case, people seem very fond of Mart…

3. Heatmap

Screenshot of the heatmap visualization on my homepage

Usually a heatmap visualizes which areas on a page attract the most attention. In this case, it shows which areas have the highest click density.

So far, CrazyEgg looks like a simple and effective tool to gain insight on the click behavior on a page. This first test was relatively small, but I intend to also use the tool during the iterative development of Tam Tam’s new website, which will start soon. To be continued…