Virtual cocktail hour, quite an experience

Yesterday we threw a roof party to celebrate our new office in Second Life.

Thanks to Maurice and Richard, our roof was fully redecorated to accommate the party. We had a video wall, a barbecue, beer, some picknick tables, a magic disco ball, a dance floor, and last but not least: our own t-shirts.

The party started well before half past four. Let’s say weekend started early this week. People were flying in from everywhere. We even got a visit from someone of fellow internet agency Evident, who wore a giant company logo on his head, something that some other Second Life visitors didn’t appreciate much.

The confetti was falling from the sky, costumes were put on (and taken off ;-)), the music was playing and everyone had a good time.


I have never left a cocktail hour being so virtually drunk, but really sober.

Here is a visual impression of the party:

Helicopter view on the party Twenty colleagues were present from the start Boogie Woogie Have a burger from the barbecue Get your Tam Tam t-shirt here (above the curtain) Is this a costumed ball or what? Chilling in our presentation room