Learning new tricks

Yesterday, Christine Perfetti (UIE) held a talk on ‘Adventurous Usability Techniques’ for an audience that wasn’t physically there, but comfortably at their homes and offices. Four of Tam Tam’s interaction designers also gathered to attend this virtual seminar, to see if there are usability techniques that we are not yet familiar with but might prove to be valuable.

For us, the Five-Second Page Test and the Inherent Value Test were the ‘new tricks’ we got most enthusiastic about. I think that in the next few months, we will try conducting these types of usability tests in our projects.

When Christine talked about Category Agreement Analysis, the first thing we thought was: “Why wouldn’t you use the Cardsorting technique instead?”. Then, in a discussion, we reversed the question: “When would you use Category Agreement Analysis?”. Answer: When you need a method that takes less time to conduct and your purpose is a spot check of the categorization instead of an evaluation of the entire navigation structure.

The last thing that interested me was seeing the Comprehension Test as a technique on its own. The principle of Comprehension Testing is that you present pages with complex content to users, give them some time to read the page and ask them how well they comprehend the content. This is not new; we implicitly use this technique in ‘regular’ usability tests. But to consider focusing a test explicitly on content comprehension just hadn’t crossed my mind.

Thank you Christine, for this inspiring evening.

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  1. Can provide some more info. on cardsorting? Is it the same as ‘free listing’?

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