Hello, I am a user experience designer

Peter Boersma has been promoting User Experience as replacement for IA as a field for some time now (read his articles on the T-model: original post and extended model).

Via InfoDesign, I read Peter Boersma’s article “User Experience: The next step for IA’s?”:

“Unless you have never done anything else than analyse, structure and group large volumes of content only to hand-off that work to others, you have probably been acting as an interaction designer, information designer, computer scientist, business analyst, or usability engineer before. … you are in fact a user experience professional”.

Peter Boersma

How true. Over the last year, I have repeatedly introduced myself as an information architect, interaction designer and usability professional, depending on the main activities I am responsible for in a specific situation. Personally, I feel a lot for adopting the User Experience label for my work.

Earlier I wrote that we @ Tam Tam had created a knowledge group named ‘KG IA/IxD’, but have been struggling with its name from the first moment. Last month, we finally cut the knot and renamed our knowledge group ‘KG User Experience’, because this includes all disciplines involved in creating the user experience, like visual designers, front-end developers, web strategy consultants and information / interaction designers.