It’s all about search these days

These days, I’m surrounded by ‘search’.

Last week, Judith, Annelies and I attended another IA Cocktail Hour in Amsterdam, which was adorned by two presentations on ‘search’. The first presentation was about Elsevier’s Scopus, an extensive search interface for academic research. The topic was rather similar to Eefke Smit’s presentation on the conference. Next was MediaLab, who presented their AquaBrowser, a search interface enriched by a visual map of associated words. What rested was a fine discussion and a nice dinner.

Judith, Annelies and me on the IA Cocktail Hour Elsevier's presentation AquaBrowser

Today, I purchased the new┬áreport ‘Improving Intranet Search’ by James Robertson of Step Two Designs. Incidentally, I’m in the middle of a selection process for an adequate search solution for a demanding intranet portal based on SharePoint technology. So the report could not have been published on a more convenient moment.

And when I’m done reading Robertson’s report, there is always ‘Ambient Findability’ on my reading list.