Pandora: your personal DJ

Today, Mart attended me to Pandora, a great online service created by the Music Genome Project.

According to the creators “Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you’ll love”. Basically, it is a personal (streaming) music station with which you can interact.

Pandora is perfect for people like me: listening to songs, recognizing a song when hearing it, but not being able to recall title or artist. And hardly having the opportunity for looking for new artists I might like.

You start with telling Pandora which artist or song you enjoy very much, and Pandora will create a music station based on that choice.

The web service then starts suggesting (and playing) songs, on which you can give your feedback. Suggestions are based on a very comprehensive analysis of thousands of artists which results in the classification of songs in characteristics as melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, vocals etc.

As you continue guiding Pandora, the music selection of your music station, should match your taste better and better.

You can even let Pandora explain to you why it suggests particular songs. In my case, Pandora explained that it’s playing Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Boyfriend’ because “it features a subtle use of vocal harmony, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, minor key tonality and many other similarities”. So if anyone asks me what my taste of music is, I now know what to say 😉

You can also share your station or listen in on other people’s stations. And so another web community is born.

For me, Pandora is a great (and above all easy) way to discover new artists and their music, and -of course- the perfect music station.