Dutch survey on Internet marketing

For the fifth time, Trendbox has held the yearly Dutch ‘Big Marketing Survey’, in which over three hundred marketeers took part. The survey was held over a half year ago, but I happened to come across it just now.

In this post I’d like to share some of the outcomes regarding marketing through Internet.

Read the complete survey (PDF, in Dutch).

What are the budgets for internet marketing?

On average the Internet marketing budget amounts to 29% of the total marketing budget. For 57% of the respondents the share of internet marketing has increased over the last year, and 64% expects a further shift towards Internet marketing for the next financial year.

Year Budget shift towards Internet
2005 57% (16% substantial, 41% moderate)
2006 (expected) 64% (16% substantial, 48% moderate)

Which Internet activities are performed?

Corporate website, action sites 80%
E-mail marketing 58%
Search Engine marketing 45%
Online advertising 42%
None 9%

Why choose Internet as a marketing channel?

Top 5 reasons  
Relatively cheap 22%
Becoming a more important communication channel 16%
Suitable to reach ever more customers / target groups 13%
Reach a larger / broader public 10%
Speed 10%

Why advertise online?

Top 5 reasons
Generate traffic to website
Collecting e-mail addresses
Creating/improving brand awareness
Build up a big reach quickly
Introduce a new product/service