Meta-syndication marketing

Last week a marketing writer of TechSmith contacted me through my blog, just one day after I positively mentioned their product Morae. I was asked for an interview, to be used as a testimonial in their e-newsletter and on their website.

What fascinated me was that this marketeer had in fact found the article on my moderately visited blog and acted on it, in less than a day after publication. That moment I realized that this had been a perfect example of using meta-syndication as a PR / marketing instrument.

Web syndication is becoming familiar to more people every day. For those who need an introduction: it means making content of a website available to other sites or applications. On a weblog, this mostly results in providing an RSS-feed, to which people can subscribe to keep track of new content without having to visit the actual website. Also, as soon as I publish a new article, the weblog software ‘pings’ several aggregation services to let them know that there is new content to index. This way, a new weblog article is almost immediately findable by services which people use to search weblog articles.

So if you are a marketeer who finds it useful to know who is writing about his company or product, you regularly search the blogosphere for your company or product name. But if you are really clever, you let a web service do the work for you. Services like Technorati (a real-time search engine for blogs) let you not only search through weblogs, they allow you to subscribe to a search query. If you choose to do so, the web service regularly checks for new results for your query and delivers them to you (naturally also in an RSS-feed). So what you end up with is the syndication of a syndication: a meta-syndication.

The bottom line: If you want to keep track of what is being written about your company or product in the blogosphere (over 25 million already), just add those names to your personal watchlist in services like Technorati and you can be as responsive to new publications as TechSmith’s marketing writer is.