What do you get when you combine Ajax, XML, HTML, CSS and Flash?

The answer is: Cool Web 2.0 applications!

Measure Map (Adaptive Path)See Kevin Lynch’s demonstration on the Web 2.0 Conference and watch Kevin create a mini Flickr in 5 minutes using the latest web technology. Besides his Flickr-like app, he also demonstrates Adaptive Path’s first product (beta) Measure Map, which is a webstats application especially for blogs. You can read all about it on Jeffrey Veen’s blog.

I am convinced these examples show what a great impact Web 2.0 will have on the user experience of web applications. Kevin Lynch (Macromedia) focuses on the combined strength of Flash and HTML:

“This is not about Flash vs. HTML or Ajax. It’s using Flash + HTML with the Ajax approach to build Web 2.0 applications.”

Kevin Lynch

Macromedia will release Flex 2, Flex Builder 2 and ActionScript 3 alphas (developer applications for the Flash platform) in three days. For more information, checkĀ Mike Chambers’ weblog.