Hello, I am a user experience designer

Peter Boersma has been promoting User Experience as replacement for IA as a field for some time now (read his articles on the T-model: original post and extended model).

Via InfoDesign, I read Peter Boersma’s article “User Experience: The next step for IA’s?”:

“Unless you have never done anything else than analyse, structure and group large volumes of content only to hand-off that work to others, you have probably been acting as an interaction designer, information designer, computer scientist, business analyst, or usability engineer before. … you are in fact a user experience professional”.

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Is Ajax the silver bullet?

CMupdate implies (article in Dutch) that content management systems will get faster and more intuitive by adopting Ajax technology.

I disagree with this assumption. Yes, Ajax is great for enriching the user experience, if used right. But like any other technology, Ajax is not a ‘silver bullet’. Lots of CMS interfaces can be significantly improved without using Ajax. And lots of new Ajax based applications will prove to be unusable. As goes for Flash, ActiveX and other technologies. Verder lezen

It’s all about search these days

These days, I’m surrounded by ‘search’.

Last week, Judith, Annelies and I attended another IA Cocktail Hour in Amsterdam, which was adorned by two presentations on ‘search’. The first presentation was about Elsevier’s Scopus, an extensive search interface for academic research. The topic was rather similar to Eefke Smit’s presentation on the SIGCHI.nl conference. Next was MediaLab, who presented their AquaBrowser, a search interface enriched by a visual map of associated words. What rested was a fine discussion and a nice dinner. Verder lezen

Accessibility as a competitive advantage

In a news release, Chris Mairs of BCS warns that “continuing failure to adapt both current and future IT systems to a group representing over 15 per cent of the population (UK statistic), will critically impact on all of us.”

Mairs points out that “the aging population means a significant proportion of us will eventually be classified as disabled, particularly with some degree of visual impairment. Added to which, this sector of society also represents an annual spend of £50 billion (UK statistic), a figure likely to grow annually by over ten per cent.” Verder lezen

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